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  1. Björn Schön
    Björn Schön says:

    Thanks for the Review.
    That Looks really promising.

    PhaseOne also mentioned an improved Speed in C1 11.
    Could you please say a bit more on this?

    Is it just faster when making adjustments, or is working with a catalogue faster too? (e.g. Browsing through the Images)
    How many Images are workable in a catalogue now?
    Up to C1 10 it was known that working with a catalogue started to be slow from 30-40k Images.

    Is this better now?


    • Image Alchemist
      Image Alchemist says:

      Hi Björn, catalog should work faster and masking too. A lot depends on the system you work on. One might notice bigger improvements then the other. Best to run the trial. No news regarding the catalog limit.
      Best, Paul Steunebrink / Image Alchemist

    • Steven Sandbrook
      Steven Sandbrook says:

      Björn Schön – I have found the speed in Capture One v.11 to be second to none – and I have tried more than my fair share of RAW DAMs in my time, including Aperture, Lightroom, DXO, Darktable, Capture NXD and others. Everything in Capture One Pro v.11 is graphics-accelerated, with the exception of spot-retouching and one other feature which slips my mind right now – and even the spot-retouching is still very fast. I work on an older Mac Pro that still has fairly heavy specs, but I’m a fussy and fast editor. =) I haven’t yet had the chance to try C1 v.11 on a MacBook, but from all accounts it is still pretty good.
      Hope this helps!

  2. AndyE
    AndyE says:

    Thank you very much Paul for this in depth listing and comparison on the newly adds to C1 11. It really gave me a full insight to what was changed and added. Not to mention just in perfect time when C1 11 got around the corner. Great job and very much appreciated.


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