intermediate level tutorial

fisherman repairing his boat

Capture One High Dynamic Range

The HDR tool can adjust the darkest and brightest areas of your image
small boat leaving harbor

Capture One Exposure

Capture One Exposure is an important and very versatile tool
Bouwhuis building, NL

Capture One Presets

Capture One Presets are the building blocks of a professional's workflow
capture one process

Capture One Process

The Process feature gives you maximum control over your output workflow
capture one styles

Capture One Styles

With a Style you combine settings from different tools
adjustments continued

Adjustments Continued

Copying adjustments, simultaneously adjusting images
catalogs continued

Catalogs Continued

Learn about import, managed or referenced, and user collections
sessions continued

Sessions Continued

Learn Session Albums, and Session Favorites in Capture One
Final result of image after all adjustments are set

Create your Atmosphere with Curves

With the Curve tool you create your own atmosphere