capture one preset; contains image adjustments from a single tool

capture one metadata preset, download

Capture One Metadata

Set of 1 preset in 1 folder
tabbed tool workspaces

Tabbed Tool Workspaces

Instead of switching tabs have all tabs of a tool listed
adjustments in-depth

Preset Collection Details

Collection of 186 presets
Capture One Sharpening tool (EN)

Capture One Sharpening

Set of 62 presets in 4 folders
Lens Correction tool, shop

Capture One Lens Correction

Set of 54 presets in 5 folders

Capture One White Balance

Set of 1159 presets in 19 folders
Color Balance tool, shop

Capture One Color Balance

Set of 972 presets in 69 folders
Black & White tool, shop

Capture One Black & White

Set of 190 presets in 11 folders

Preset Collection Color

Collection of 2321 presets