set of capture one presets you can try for free; full set available on purchase

Purple Fringing tool, shop

Capture One Purple Fringing - trial

Set of 4 (out of 21) presets in 1 folder
Keystone tool, shop

Capture One Keystone - trial

Set of 26 (out of 83) presets in 4 folders
Levels tool, Green channel, shop

Capture One Levels Channels - trial

Set of 66 (out of 345) presets in 15 folders
Levels tool, RGB, shop

Capture One Levels RGB - trial

Set of 22 (out of 115) presets in 5 folders

Capture One Exposure - trial

Set of 22 (out of 105) presets in 4 folders
Capture One Noise Reduction tool (EN)

Capture One Noise Reduction - trial

Set of 12 (out of 44) presets in 4 folders

Capture One Vignetting - trial

Set of 18 (out of 129) presets in 3 folders
Capture One Clarity tool (EN)

Capture One Clarity - trial

Set of 54 (out of 207) presets in 11 folders
Capture One Film Grain tool (EN)

Capture One Film Grain - trial

Set of 10 (out of 55) presets in 4 folders