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An alchemist transforms matter, like lead into gold. These transformations are performed with special knowledge, formulas and skills. This gives alchemists a sense of mystery.


Like alchemists, photographers have been creating images out of nothing in their darkrooms with the help of chemical formulas and their special skills.

From Idea To Vision

Today, photographers are still alchemists, even in the digital area where chemicals are exchanged for mathematical formulas, also known as software and algorithms. A photographer transforms an idea into a vision, materialized into an image. What he needs, apart from his skills, is the right tool.

capture one 11 iconCapture One Pro

Capture One, professional raw workflow software by Phase One, is a unique tool for transformation. I feel like an image alchemist with this tool and so is every photographer who uses it. That is why I call this website the Image Alchemist.

Both Ways

The transformation also works the other way round: when you understand the software, it works for you. Due to understanding its formulas, magic will happen in your pictures! That is the importance of training and understanding and the reason of this site’s existence.

Enjoy Capturing, enjoy Capture One, enjoy Image Alchemist

Paul Steunebrink / Image Alchemist

backyard photographer, writer, Capture One beta tester, Phase One Certified Professional, Phase One Ambassador