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Preset Collections

Preset Collection Color

Collection of 2321 presets

Preset Collection Exposure

Collection of 1894 presets

Preset Collection Lens Composition

Collection of 187 presets

Preset Collection Details

Collection of 186 presets


Capture One White Balance

Set of 1159 presets in 19 folders

Capture One Color Balance

Set of 972 presets in 69 folders

Capture One Black & White

Set of 190 presets in 11 folders

Capture One Exposure

Set of 105 presets in 4 folders

Capture One HDR

Set of 63 presets in 3 folders

Capture One Levels RGB

Set of 115 presets in 5 folders

Capture One Levels Channels

Set of 345 presets in 15 folders

Capture One Curve RGB-Luma

Set of 372 presets in 20 folders

Capture One Curve Channels

Set of 558 presets in 30 folders


Capture One Training – 4 hours

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Capture One Training – 3 hours

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Capture One Training – 2 hours

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Capture One Training – 1 hour

Buy one hour of online training

Capture One Training – 30 minutes

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