beginner level tutorial

capture one composition tools, haarlem old town

Capture One Composition Tools

With Rotation, Crop, and Keystone tools you create your composition
capture one layers explained

Capture One Layers Explained

Start making local adjustments with Layers as they are easy to use
capture one white balance tool, milano underground, local white balance adjustment

Capture One White Balance

White Balance is with together with Exposure the most used adjustment
capture one tethering explained

Capture One Tethering Explained

Tethering is shooting directly into your computer over a cable
Capture One Levels tool

Capture One Levels (part 1)

Set the Shadow Level, Highlight Level, and Mid Tone with the Levels tool
capture one export

Capture One Export

With the Export feature you can create an original and a processed image
adjustments explained

Adjustments Explained

Learn how to make, store, and (temporarily) reset adjustments
catalogs explained

Catalogs Explained

Learn the basics on catalogs in Capture One
sessions explained

Sessions Explained

Learn about Sessions Folder and System Folders in Capture One