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Split And Merge Capture One Catalogs

You can both split and merge Capture One Catalogs with a few simple steps.
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Fix A Corrupt Capture One Catalog

Fix a corrupt Catalog within minutes; choose from three options: verification, restore, or import
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Revert To A Previous Version Of Capture One

Learn how to change your Sessions and Catalogs when you revert to a previous version of Capture One.

The Image Alchemist is both Paul Steunebrink and his alter ego. We share the passion for photography and Capture One. That makes us a strong team.

This website is about Capture One. Here we share our knowledge and experience with you. Our main tool, Alchemy, allows us to transform knowledge and wisdom into vision and inspiration.

Enjoy Capturing, enjoy Capture One, enjoy Image Alchemist

  • Training

    Online Training is very efficient and fun to do. Highly recommended for both new and seasoned users.

  • Use Presets

    Presets are the fastest and smartest way to edit your images. Try a few for free or buy the full set.

  • Lightroom

    Coming from Lightroom, Aperture or else? See our 30-day guide to get the best out of your trial.

  • Coming Up

    Find out what is new and coming at the Image Alchemist

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