DT Capture One Style Pack review

DT Capture One Style Pack

Capture One Styles are the most looked after topic here and for a reason. Styles are a fantastic feature that both enhance your workflow and creativity. It also demonstrates the enormous power and flexibility of Capture One Pro. Today I review the DT Capture One Style Pack, a set of styles made by Digital Transitions, a Phase One dealer in New York and Los Angeles, USA.

having fun in the evening

DT Capture One Style Pack

The Digital Transitions Capture One Style Pack, or DT C1 Styles for short is a set of over 130 handcrafted and skilfully made styles aimed at the professional photographer, created by Doug Peterson. The set is available from the Digital Transitions online shop. A smaller subset of 10 styles is available for free if you like to try before you buy.

The full set also contains a bonus set of Overdrive styles. This Overdrive set contains styles with out-of-band adjustments, normally not possible to make and to use at your own risk. It is for the nerds (yes, like me). They are not included in this review.

The DT Capture One Style Pack was created with Capture One Pro 9.1 in mind and you are advised to upgrade if necessary to experience the full potential of the set.


The styles are grouped in folders, which translate into different sections within Capture One, and are labeled with the following names:

  • B+W Mono
  • B+W Toned
  • Details
  • Looks
  • People
  • POV
  • Tools

I will discuss the different groups here with an example image to show what they are up to.

Black & White

There are two sets of black & white styles, with and without toning. As I like toning for black & white images very much, I show you an example named DT Toned 6 – Tintype Alt – 1 from the B+W Toned folder.

DT Capture One Style Pack reviewDT Capture One Style Pack review

The Before-image is the original, the After-image has the Style applied.


In Capture One the Details tool tab contains pixel-oriented tools like Sharpening, Noise Reduction and Film Grain. Likewise, the Details folder comprises styles that use these tools plus the Clarity tool to create a specific effect.
The image of people surrounded by water with a building in the background was treated with the DT Full Beard style from the Details folder.

DT Capture One Style Pack reviewDT Capture One Style Pack review

The film grain is clearly visible and adds a specific mood to the scene.


You can combine the Details styles with other styles for additional effects. Make sure that Stack Style is enabled in the Styles And Presets tool.

Full Swing

When you enjoy yourself in an amusement park, everything goes. This image of young people in a carousel at night got a treat from the DT Wave – 1 style to emphasize the atmosphere of that evening.

DT Capture One Style Pack reviewDT Capture One Style Pack review

This style is part of the Looks folder, which is, by the way, a very interesting collection in the whole set. Styles like these create an instant effect that either never would have occurred to my imagination or would have take hours to make.

Portrait With A Look

In the People folder, you find a number of Portra 400NC and 400 VC kinds of styles with additional warm or cool color toning. There are some more color toning styles with attention for skin tones. In the studio portrait below I used the DT Portraish 400NC – Cool.

DT Capture One Style Pack reviewDT Capture One Style Pack review

This is color toning on colored images with carefully balanced results. I think that the styles in the People folder are at the heart of the entire collection and are made with a lot of experience, skill, and consideration.

More Skin

Similar but in a different direction are the skin tone enhancing styles in the Tools section. No color toning but focussing on a specific skin structure and smoothness. The applied style is Skin – Smooth+Deblotch – Hue 20 – 3. Yes, that is quite a mouth full.

DT Capture One Style Pack reviewDT Capture One Style Pack review

Here you can see that Capture One 9.1 was used to make these styles, thanks to its enhancements in Uniformity for the Color Editor, Skin Tone tool.

Greens Of Summers

Remember the Kodachrome song from Paul Simon? It came to mind when I applied the Enhance Foliage – 3 styles from the Tools section to the image of three windmills.

DT Capture One Style Pack reviewDT Capture One Style Pack review

By emphasizing specific colors the summer mood strong but still natural.

More On Styles Here

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Are you interested in Styles for Capture One and is this set worth your consideration? I think so. They cover a wide range of applications and which you want to have in your toolbox. Try the free trial first or dive deep and go for the full set with the Overdrive bonus.

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Want to try Capture One? Or would you like to buy it?

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