using logickeyboard for capture one, uk layout

Coming Up (updated 20 February 2018)

Posts with Capture One tutorials and reviews are an important drive to visit the Image Alchemist. What can you expect the coming weeks or months? See for topics and publishing dates below.

Please note that announcements are subject to change without notice. Thank you for your interest in Image Alchemist.

Important Notice:

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  • 6 March 2018: Capture One Workspace

Recently Published

I planned a serie on Local Adjustments long time ago. Since last October I knew what was coming in Capture One 11 so I postponed it after that release because of the many changes to layers.

Now all four posts are ready: Capture One Layers Explained and Capture One Layers Continued plus Capture One Layers In-Depth (part 1) and part 2.

Future Plans

The following topics are planned for first half of 2018. Their order here is random.

  • FAQ
  • the tools on the Lens tab and the Details tab
  • file and folder naming with tokens
  • histograms and the internal processing pipeline
  • linear response workflow
  • Filters tool, advanced search and Smart Albums
  • and much more!

Enough to look out for. Stay tuned!


The extensive set of Presets got a maintenance update. Presets for the Exposure, White Balance and Color Balance tools are expanded and now cover a larger range. The Color Balance presets now include presets for the 3-Way color wheels, controlling 3 wheels simultaneously!

Any current user will get the new presets for free. Just download your order again. You need to login with your account to download your order again.