using logickeyboard for capture one, uk layout

Coming Up (updated 1 July 2018)

What can you expect the coming weeks or months? See the planned posts below. Note that this can change without notice.

Planned Blogs

Currently no blogs are planned. I am taking a break till the end of September 2018. Accidentally one or two blogs my appear.

Feel free to keep writing me via the Contact Form. Questions, comments and in particular testimonials are very welcome!


The extensive set of Presets got a maintenance update (December 2017). Presets for the Exposure, White Balance and Color Balance tools are expanded and now cover a larger range. The Color Balance presets now include presets for the 3-Way color wheels, controlling 3 wheels simultaneously!

Any current user will get the new presets for free. Just download your order again. You need to login with your account to download your order again.