using logickeyboard for capture one, uk layout

Coming Up (updated 13 July 2020)

What can you expect in the coming weeks or months? See the planned posts below. Note that this can change without notice.

Scheduled blogs

The recently published posts Using Metadata in Capture One, Using Keywords in Capture One, and Sync metadata between Photo Mechanic and Capture One are the first three in a series on metadata and keywords.

The next post on geotagging your images is planned for 2 August 2020.

The last post in this series on metadata deals with taking the benefit of your metadata effort in filter and search, and smart albums in Capture One.

About the next blog

I plan to publish on other tools in conjunction with Capture One, in particular, Photo Mechanic and HoudahGeo for geotagging images. If all works out as planned, it will be a series of five posts.


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