set of capture one presets you can try for free; full set available on purchase

Capture One Sharpening tool (EN)

Capture One Sharpening - trial

Set of 15 (out of 62) presets in 4 folders
Lens Correction tool, shop

Capture One Lens Correction - trial

Set of 16 (out of 54) presets in 5 folders

Capture One White Balance - trial

Set of 42 (out of 1159) presets in 19 folders
Black & White tool, shop

Capture One Black & White - trial

Set of 54 (out of 190) presets in 11 folders
Color Balance tool, shop

Capture One Color Balance - trial

Set of 106 (out of 972) presets in 39 folders
Curve tool, Red channel, shop

Capture One Curve Channels - trial

Set of 120 (out of 558) presets in 30 folders
LCC tool, shop

Capture One LCC - trial

Set of 7 (out of 29) presets in 3 folders
Moire tool, shop

Capture One Moire - trial

Set of 9 (out of 36) presets in 3 folders
Curve tool, Luma channel, shop

Capture One Curve RGB-Luma - trial

Set of 80 (out of 372) presets in 20 folders