Capture One Training and Support

The Image Alchemist offers several options to help you master Capture One: free Mail Support and Online Training

Free Mail Support

Fill in the Contact Form. In general, you have an answer within 24 hours, often sooner. If that is all you need, go for it.

Online Training

The Online Training from Image Alchemist is a one-to-one session between you, your computer and the Image Alchemist.

Just click on the button below and book your session now!


Online Training is as effective as training can be. Your images, your workflow, your issues are in the center of attention. Online Training is fun, entertaining and highly beneficial.


I sell Online Training in different sizes, tailored to your needs. From a brief 30 minutes session to a lengthy 4 hours; you choose.

The longer the session, the lower the price per hour. You want 4 hours but split into 2 sessions? No problem. See all the options in the Webshop or send me an email with your wishes.

Online Training Details

Learn how to set up and schedule an Online Training session.


A solid internet connection is important to make it happen. If you are in doubt please contact me. Next, we need good software (free, one-time install) and a headset with microphone to prevent acoustic feedback.

I collected all details in a separate page Online Training Setup that helps you prepare for a session.


I am fluent in English and Dutch and I prefer to run Capture One in either of these languages. Running Capture One in German or French, however, is not a problem either. It will slow me down a bit.

For other language options, please contact me first.

Schedule A Session

Select Online Training in the webshop and make the sale. Next, contact me to schedule a training. Tell me your time zone (mine: Amsterdam, CET), preferred schedule and the topics you like to discuss.

If you have questions regarding the necessary amount or else, you can contact me upfront, so I can advise you.

If Something Goes Wrong

What if… you do not like my English accent, my sense of humor or the internet connection is not good, we disconnect. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you get a full refund. Period.