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Capture One Training – 4 hours

Buy four hours of online Capture One training and ask the Image Alchemist all you need to know. You can spread the total amount of time over two sessions.


The online Capture One training is a one-to-one session. There are two prerequisites:

  • you need a solid internet connection for reasonable performance
  • you have install the TeamViewer remote control software on your Mac or Windows machine

Chat And View

Once the connection is setup at the predetermined schedule you can chat with the Image Alchemist and show what your question is from your machine, with your images. All hints, tips and actions take place on your machine. After the session your are enriched with all the information the training has given you.

Download Software

Do not take any risk and download the TeamViewer remote control software for your Mac or Windows system directly from the source. Note that the software can be used without buying a license for occasional use.

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Release date:July 1, 2016
Last updated:January 1, 2019
Product type:remote viewing
Price:$255.00 USD