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Capture One Color Balance

The full Capture One Color Balance set contains 972 presets divided over 69 folders. The set covers all four color wheels and their Color and Lightness controls. The presets can be used both separately and combined.

Please note that this set of presets is also available as part of the larger Preset Collection Color, which contains presets for other tools as well.

capture one color balance presets


The presets are compatible with Capture One 8 or later on Mac and Windows. They might work with older versions but at your own risk. It is recommended to test with the free trial first.


Color adjustments for all 4 color wheels can be made for 12 colors. Each color ranges from 5-75% in 15 steps (5% each).

The 12 December 2017 release (1.1) adds a 3-Way control for the same range of individual color wheels. These presets control the 3-Way color wheels together. This effectively replaces the Master wheel for better color fidelity. It also is a better starting point for further refinements in separate color wheels like Shadow and Highlight, as all presets are stackable.

In addition, there is a Lightness adjustment for the Shadow, Midtone, Highlight, and the combined 3-Way wheels. The range covers the entire scale of the tool in 18 steps, from -8 up to +9.


The set contains all English, German, French, and Dutch presets.

Release date:August 8, 2016
Last updated:November 11, 2022
Current version:1.2
Product type:Capture One Preset
File size:2 MB
Requirements:Capture One 8 or later
Price:$0.00 USD