Online Training Setup

Please find detailed description below on how you prepare successfully for an Online Training session. If you still have questions, please let me know via the Contact Form.


There are three requirements for a successful Online Training session

  • your computer is connected to a stable internet connection
  • you have installed the TeamViewer program on your computer
  • you have connected a headset with microphone to your computer

Checking your Internet connection

If you live in an area where the internet connection is not stable, use a tool like Speedtest by Ookla from the Mac AppStore to check your connection or go to
Remember that most connections are asymmetric where the upload speed is lower then the download speed. However, for remote connections the upload speed is important because it determines how quickly I see changes from your display on mine.

Install Remote Connection software

We will use TeamViewer software for the remote connection. TeamViewer is an industry standard in this field and very secure and robust.

You can download it at TeamViewer website. The website will automatically determine whether you are on Windows or macOS and download the right version.
You may download the full version or the simpler QuickSupport version. Both will do the job but I advice the QuickSupport for its simplicity.

TeamViewer is free software for you according to the TeamViewer license terms as you will use it only occasionally.

Install Headset

A headset is a headphone with microphone attached. The advantage of a headset is the acoustic feedback is prevented which makes it much easier to understand each other.

There are two possibilities here. If you have a headset that connects via USB the computer will detect the headset automatically. Start TeamViewer, go to its Preferences, Audio tab and for both the Speakers and Microphone whether the headset is selected.

Maybe your headset connects with a 3.5mm minijack. Likewise, in TeamViewer preferences, set Speaker and Microphone.

Starting The Session

When the moment arrives that we scheduled, you start TeamViewer (QuickSupport) and read the ID and Password displayed. Combined they provide the access code that I need to connect.
I wait to receive a the access code from you by mail or else and I will connect. To chat I enable sound (muted by default) on your and my end. Next? Let’s go.

Troubleshooting Connections

If TeamViewer accidentally drops the connection during a session, just start it again and mail me the password. The ID will not change as long you are behind the same computer.